Buying a home

Helping Buyers Navigate the Buying Process


Our brokers are committed to doing everything possible to remove stress and frustration from the buying process. Constant attention to what is happening in the local market is a key component to helping our buyer clients make wise decisions in ever-changing markets. Remember…this is all about you and not about us!


We are firm believers in using technology in the real estate process. However, we only believe in using technology that makes the process better for our clients – not just easier for our brokers. There is technology that helps to eliminate frustration and speed up the process. That’s the technology we embrace.

Total Commitment

Our talented brokers are happy to hammer this one home; It truly is all about what is best for the people we work for. We are totally committed to that and never get tired of saying it.


Our small team of professionals have built relationships with other community service providers and vendors to help make your experience even better. If a broker isn’t well-versed in something, you can bet they know someone who is!


Finding Your Home

Alleda brokers are adept at listening to our client’s needs and then working to find a property that meets those needs. It might be a home near Drake Park, a town home in Broken Top, or a 1,000-acre ranch in the Ochocos. First we listen. Then the search begins.